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    17 June, 2016

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    Home Automation as a lifestyle: What was your first home automation system?

    10 June, 2016

    Home Automation as a lifestyle: What was your first home automation system?


    Geeks of technology, freakys of technological DIY, Engineers misunderstood, and nostalgics of Knight Rider 2000, we went to meet the pioneers of home automation in Spain.

    I wanted to know : What was your first home automation system? 

    José MIguel: “It all started when we bought our house in Asturias and we founded our consulting business in home automation Domotica DaVinci, 9 years ago. We knew that our house had to be fully automated and be our showroom. We implemented an IP system called IPDomo and 8 years after it is still working perfectly. It is amazing the durability that can reach home automation systems! We integrated 4 blinds and control of 2 lights. Since then, we have integrated the system with Z-Wave technology and almost all our installation are Z-Wave.”

    If you want to ask to Domotica DaVinci’s founders, Myriam Suarez y José Miguel Rubio, some questions, you can contact us at
    We can’t promise that we could publish all your questions, but we will do our best 🙂


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